Ed Diana

About Me

Ed Diana

I have a wide body of experience in the software development field, both in commercial and custom development. I can work with you to design and create applications that fill your organization's needs.

My areas of technical expertise include:

  • Web application development. Using any number of languages: PHP, Node.js, Google Go (golang)
  • Database development. Over 20 years experience working with relational databases of all types (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, sqlite). I am also familiar with various NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB.
  • Commercial application development. Dozens of mass market commercial application releases.
  • Mobile applications. PhoneGap / Corova hybrid apps, as well as native applications.
  • System Integration. I exceed at making disparate systems talk to each other.
  • Server Administration. I have quite a bit of experience setting up, configuring, and managing Linux web servers - both physical machines and VPS instances (AWS, Linode, etc.).

Need a project quote? Contact me at info@eddiana.com

Software Developer - Web, Desktop, Mobile

State College, PA